Essay Disintegration Of The Family Is The Real Root Cause Of Violent Crime

Essay Disintegration Of The Family Is The Real Root Cause Of Violent Crime

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Patrick F. Fagan in “Disintegration of the family is the real root cause of violent crime” addresses the main causes of violent crime in context of modern day affairs. Fagan’s approach to inform readers of his opinion is a strategic method of integrating examples of his research into his evidence supporting his position. He ensures to acknowledge major opposing theories and he is very well organized in stating his supporting proof. Although Fagan uses his expertise in marriage as a basis for argument, his open mindedness shows a deep understanding of his point that the underlying cause of violent crimes can be accredited to illegitimacy.
Throughout his essay, Fagan revisits his idea of Illegitimacy being essential to creating a violent criminal. He grows this idea by initially suggesting that poverty is tied to a broken home; he then continues to say that “the breakdown of family is the real root cause of crime in the U.S” (Fagan). He suggests that a broken family can be a link to developing mislead young adults. Fagan uses a five stage example which elaborates on his claim as well referencing his knowledge he has obtained about marriage. His five stage example breaks down the trend that a typical violent criminal will fall victim to. Fagan ensures that his steps that create a criminal relay back to his thesis by providing adequate evidence that the root cause of criminals can be “characterized by the absence of the love, affection, and dedication of his parents.” (Fagan).
A major weakness in Fagan’s piece is his reliance on a hypothetical example from the basis of his field of expertise. He uses an example of a young man who was born into a fatherless home; he has gone through the first 4 stages of becoming a violent criminal. T...

... middle of paper ...

...cknowledgement to opposing hypothesis with the second most highly accused cause of violent crime, which tends to be race. Again he disproves this by stating that “a closer look at the data shows that the real variable is not race but family structure” (Fagan). He is suggesting that correlation isn’t always causation; being black may be correlated to being a violent criminal, but it is not the cause.

Patrick Fagan presents a piece in which he clearly develops his thesis using his background in marital research. His advantage of being knowledgeable in marriage and family related issues allows for him to create strong arguments in proving that the root cause of violent criminals is the illegitimacy of a family. Though lacking an unbiased approach, Fagan develops his ideas with sufficient evidence to prove his opinion on the key factors that develop violent criminals.

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