Diseases Transmitted by Ticks Essay examples

Diseases Transmitted by Ticks Essay examples

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Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is one of the seven most common diseases reported in the United States to the CDC annually (www.cdc.gov). The rates have gone from 10,000 cases in 1992 to over 30,000 cases in 2009. 95% of these cases were found in the northeast and Midwest regions of the United States(Committee on Lyme Disease, 2011) . More cases happen in this area of the country due to the close proximity of deer to population. The bite itself isn’t the problem, rather the pathogen being spread in mammals from the bite. Lyme disease occurs when a tick penetrates the skin of mammals and the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi enters. Borrelia burgdorferi is carried by ticks named the Ixodes dammini, which is the main vector for Lyme disease. These may also be known as I. scapularis, and may be found on deer (Schilling-McCann, 2010). ¬¬¬In addition to Lyme Disease, ticks may also carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Tularemia (Smeltzer et al, 2010).
Ticks can be found in many places outdoors during the summer months. As a preventative measure, we should always be aware of ticks, but during the warmer months extra precautions should be taken. Wooded and high grass areas should be avoided. Light colored clothing, long sleeve shirts, and pants should be worn when entering these areas. If on a trail, the center of the trail is where travelling should occur. Ticks like to travel to host by means of “questing”. Although a common misconception about ticks is that they jump. Instead, ticks stretch out over high grass areas, using their back legs to hold on to grass and extending front legs to grab whatever host may pass. This makes the center of the trail harder to reach (http://www.cdc.gov).
Protection from ticks is also important for househo...

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