Diseases Found in Hair Salons Essay

Diseases Found in Hair Salons Essay

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“Its not just gross, its a health problem.” Wilder said, adding that dirty equipment and questionable procedures can lead to clients getting fungal and bacterial infections, MRSA and hepatitis C. Many different types of diseases that have to do with your scalp, and nails usually are spreading throughout many different salon areas. Inside every salon it should be very clean for your clients and your only safety. Their can be many diseases inside a salon some that you won't even know existed. Some can appear in your nails hair scalp and even just on your skin. Most of the diseases are very harmful and some can be life threatening. Even a little rash can start off small and get worse over time. diseases can be found in a salon area and thats why you should be very careful.

There are many types of diseases that can be found in a hair salon.

Nail disease are found in a salon area. Arthur Bagg J describes how the most common infection in a salon is a fungal infection. It usually happens in your toenails but it can be treated with the growth of a brand new nail (parag.2). The most at risk of fungus is genetic predisposition. More risk of

fungus is a lot of exposure to water, heat and humidity, also tight fitting shoes,chemical damage,diabetes,and picking at your skin often can all cause fungus. Hooked on nails asserts argues that nail diseases are distinct from diseases on your skin. Nail disorders and diseases are usually referred to as onychosis(1). Hooked on nails explains different types of nail diseases found on both toe nails and your hand nails, even though fungus is the most common there is many more like beaus lines caused when the body stops producing nail c...

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... always remember there can be diseases any where you go, more likely almost every salon isnt as clean as they should be.

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