Diseases and Conditions: Osteoporosis in Exercise Essay

Diseases and Conditions: Osteoporosis in Exercise Essay

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Osteoporosis in Exercise
Osteoporosis, or the weakening of bones, is when bone mass decreases and the fragility of bones increases to the point where even a small bump could fracture a bone; typically a wrist, hip, or spine (Mayo Clinic Staff). This disease can also affect people of all genders “[b]ut white and Asian women — especially those who are past menopause — are at highest risk” (Mayo Clinic Staff). Age can also be a factor in helping to increase the risk for osteoporosis because as a child, bones grow back and fuse together a lot faster than as an adult’s bone will. This restoration of the bone is important for a person’s bones because it increases one’s bone mass. Without this renovation as a child, an adult has less bone density to rely on and has a higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life (Mayo Clinic Staff). Contributing factors can also come from ancestors or down a family line, body type, as well as the previously mentioned race, age, and gender. This disease is extremely dangerous because osteoporosis occurs without any symptoms and thus injuries can occur without any warning. However, if the proper precautions are taken osteoporosis can be kept from even happening in the first place. Osteoporosis luckily can be treated later if it has already taken hold; which is a benefit. Although osteoporosis can be very serious, many people are living with it and have adapted to the condition by altering their exercise routines in order to still be able to work out and stay in shape.
Osteoporosis, when it has occurred, changes the look and density of the effected person’s bones. Without osteoporosis, a close up of a person’s bone would show that it appears to be similar to a sponge or a honey comb. However aft...

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... stressful but against popular belief it is still possible and many people have gone on to live healthy lives after being diagnosed. The most important part to having a disease it to recognize that one has it and then the diagnosis has been made to take the necessary steps in order to adapt one’s lifestyle. Osteoporosis is important to exercise science today because it is important to understand the limitations one has and how to adapt to them in order to maintain healthy living standards.


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