Disease: Taenia Saginata Tapeworm Essay

Disease: Taenia Saginata Tapeworm Essay

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Disease Essay: Taenia Saginata

Taenia Saginata is a type of Tapeworm species found in cows muscle. Infections of this parasite begin when humans consume infected and undercooked cattle/beef. This white, four to eight meters long, flat parasite has three parts to it: the scolex, neck and strobila. The scolex includes four suckers, which is its’ way to attach itself to the intestines. The rest of its’ body contains its very own reproductive system, which includes both male and female reproductive systems. The Taenia Saginata does not have a digestive system and therefore, obtains their nutrients from the human intestines.
There is a cycle to where the Taenia Saginata parasite end up. The reservoirs of Taenia Saginata usually begin in intermediate hosts such as: cows, reindeers, camels or sheep - usually animals that are infected with the parasite. The Taenia Saginata then moves to definitive hosts due to humans who consume infected beef. There are usually no vectors, but diptera flies can carry T. Saginata eggs.
The mode of transmission of Taenia Saginata first start in animals, the definitive hosts, that feed off of plants found in soil that has Taenia Saginata eggs wind up being infected. After the infected meat has been ingested by humans, the intermediate hosts, the eggs begin to grow into adult tapeworms found inside the intestines of humans. Whether it is animals or humans that get infected, the transmission is rather very similar. It has to be ingested, whether the eggs are found in feces or meat, the mode of transmission is usually by consuming the eggs. Also, lack of hygeine play a huge part in transmission.
The Taenia Saginata is similar to the Taenia Solium, and when T. Saginata was first discovered in the 1700’...

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...roughly treating the disease could be that the parasite grows back into its’ normal adult form.
In the last couple of years there have been four reported cases in Korea that were found positive for Taenia Saginata. In order to be more accurate, they found the coxl gene when tested with the PCR- RFLP. Research to develop a vaccine for infected animals is in progress, but none for humans. Also, public health laws are in place to prevent infected cattle to be sold to humans who eat meat.
There are plenty of ways to acquire such disease and whether it is from contaminated meats and water or poor hygiene, a few preventatives should take place. For example, cooking meat thoroughly by using food thermometers to indicate that the meat is cooked can be used while cooking. Also, cleaning fruits and vegetables that might have come in contact with infected feces.

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