The Disease Process Of Coronary Artery Disease And Two Health Promotion Activities

The Disease Process Of Coronary Artery Disease And Two Health Promotion Activities

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Our lives are continuously shaped by the variety of choices we make, whether it’s increasing the physical activity or smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Therefore, our health is the overall reflection of the choices we choose to make. At some point, a human being leading a sedentary life might think about quitting damaging behaviours like smoking or poor nutrition. Thus, the idea of health promotion comes into play and how it shapes the total outcome of the individual’s health. This is done via using various interventions designed to control a chronic health challenge, for example Coronary Artery Disease. This paper will examine the disease process of Coronary Artery Disease and two health promotion activities that will promote health living.
Health Promotion
Health promotion is the change of perceptive from adverse to healthy living situation which eventually leads to improved health conditions and enhanced life expectancy. In other words, health promotion is the notion that reinforces beneficial life choices and promotes the encouragement of active healthy behaviors, leading to enhanced health quality and individual empowerment (Green, 1979; Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2014, p.10). This idea becomes crucial in detrimental health challenges like Coronary Heart Disease where timely interventions that are tailored according to the individual’s health condition can lead to improved living.
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is blood vessel occluding disorder that occurs in the coronary arteries that supply the heart. Occlusion occurs due to development of fatty lesions in the intimal lining of the coronary arteries that harden over time and ‘clog the arteries’ –the process of atherosclerosis (Bucher & Castelluci, ...

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...erance, decreased morbidity due to CAD, decreased sudden cardiac deaths, reduced myocardial infraction death and enhance their living via making the right dietary choices (Cardoso et al., 2015).
Thus, active healthy living and heart healthy eating work together to foster heathier life choices in older adults and stimulate the adoption of advantageous healthy behaviors to improve the quality of their life and to empower them to take control over their lives (Potter et al., 2014, p.10). Nurses should work collaborative to increase awareness of lifestyle changes, promote beneficial strategies and motivate older adults to undertake these interventions (Kadda, Marvaki, & Panagiotakos, 2012). Therefore, through different resources and encouragement, older adults will be able to choose beneficial life choices that supplement their living condition and improve livelihood.

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