Disdain And Contempt For Children Essay

Disdain And Contempt For Children Essay

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In "Disdain and Contempt for Children in the Sibling Society" Robert Bly criticizes a growing number of trends (social and economic) that make growing up in America more complex than it used to be growing up before the 1960 's. For example Bly talks about how in the paternal society they usually had two parent homes, families were oriented, how they had a hierarchy and how meaningful their conversations were compared to growing up in the sibling society where they tended to look out for their own as Bly says, they had “jettisoned.” (page1.) those ways of living. Throughout the chapter, Bly goes further into grave detail comparing and contrasting the many troubling trends between paternal and the sibling society. However three of those trends really stood out to me.

One Trend that was worrisome to me was passive television watching. Today’s youth are spending more time indoors in front of a television than they do outside playing, which has been reported in studies to have negative effects on children; My early childhood education teachers have taught me that a brain/body in motion helps the child to gain fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and language skills. Bly cities the National Institute of Mental Health which found that “more skill and concentration was needed to eat a meal than to watch television, and how the constant watching left people passive yet tense, and unable to concentrate” (page 5). In my experience I came across a parent who was set in her ways; she believes that television education is more beneficial for a child than to have a child sit in a classroom learning environment. I asked her why she said “television gives her child a quieter atmosphere to learn in”. She then got upset when it was time ...

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...school and drop-out. Bly cities the 1986 National Assessment of educational program “have shown particular deficiencies in higher order reasoning skills advanced reading comprehensions math and science only 44% could compute change from a $5 bill for two items from a lunch menu (page 6.) wow that’s shocking. I have personally experienced this within my family. I have a cousin who the school system continually passed to the next grade because of the no child left behind system. He was seriously behind in reading and math skill, but thanks to charter schools bailing some of the faulty schools out he was able to graduate high school. In my opinion the government needs stop building new jails and put that money into building and implementing better educating systems for our youth. Let’s put an end to theory that Bly quotes the “sibling society only looks out for owns”.

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