Discussion Seminar Questions On Health And Community Health Essay

Discussion Seminar Questions On Health And Community Health Essay

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Discussion Forum Questions
1.- How do you foresee IT being used in the future to support home and community health? What will be different? Will the changes you predict be based on technologic advances or patient needs or both? What will be gained? Will anything of value be lost?
Technology is everywhere, I used the internet to find information related to medication or treatment. At work I used technology to find or chart patient information. Many people google information about a disease or symptoms that they may have, before going to see a doctor. Not too long ago, doctors were writing their order and now they can get penalize if they do not put their orders in the computer. People are living longer, consequently the need for technological advances would be necessary for patient’s needs. I foresee the use of technology in the future more and more. I had a patient who had a camera in his home and the family was able to monitor him from their phone. I also, met a 91-year-old lady who had an I pod computer, she had her list of home medication saved into her computer. I thought it was very interesting that this lady knew how to use a computer at her age. However, there is still the need for technological improvement. I had a male patient, his wife was in the in the same hospital not too long ago but she was discharge home. Somehow her medical record number was placed as his medical record. The male patient told me that they always get them confused. Needless to say, the male patient could not get any test done because according to the computer program he was her and there were not any orders for him. It took a while to figured out the issue, but computer programs can also be frustrating at times. Overall I believe technology has he...

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...e as a service (SaaS): As long as one has access to a computer device and internet service one can use an application from the cloud without having to download a software into one’s computer. SaaS is basically a service on demand. For instance, I can access my work emails and my work schedule from my home or anywhere in the world.
b) Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Kuo (2011) describes Iaas as a cloud computing model that support operations such as storage, virtualization, and networking over the internet. Examples is firewall.
c) Platform as a service (PaaS): A platform as a service, an area of the cloud where consumers could build their own services, cheaper, and faster. For instance, I have access to two different hospitals and I use the same login for both hospitals. The hospital has a software or a program that allows me to work for both hospitals.

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