Essay about Discussion On Intimate Partner Violence

Essay about Discussion On Intimate Partner Violence

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The shocking statistics demonstrate that every 6 days an intimate partner kills a woman in Canada. About 61% of Canadians knows at least one woman who suffered from sexual or physical abuse. It affects the health of the whole family including children and has adverse short and long-term negative consequences for health, well-being, and economic survival (City of Toronto, 2016). According to the World Health Organization, at least one abusive act from the partner reported astounding 75% of women (WHO, 2012).
Worst, there is minimal resolutions on this mentioned problem that have not been controlled, minimized into lower percentage versus previous years and halted to resist the growing adamant figures. Furthermore, it still continuously producing negative outcomes and effects locally, nationally, and even globally. Specifically probing into a main concern, referring to violence disparity and gender inequalities, I would like to write a briefing note to Canadian Nursing Association about this problematic issue – Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
Violence has been prevalent in our contemporary society. According to Guruge (2007), violence against women takes many forms, such as incest, rape, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, female infanticide and elder women’s abuse (WHO, 2012).
As WHO states, intimate partner violence is a common and serious form of violence in an intimate relationship, which varies in different aspects such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse and controlling behaviors by an intimate partner, restricting victims’ access to financial resources, employment, education and medical care. Intimate partner violence can affect almost anyone regardless of their ethnic, race, religion and status in t...

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...lations. Finally, the lack of reporting and identifying woman abuse, insufficient legal aspects intended to decrease IPV, limited public awareness, “lack of awareness of supporting services, limited services in some geographic areas, and lack of culturally sensitive services “ are also important factors preventing women from leaving their abusive partners (WHO, 2012; Alcalde & Caragata, 2007).
With this, as a nurse, it was an impulse for me to act and extend assistance for the victims and become the woman in action in the middle of these emerging fatalities. I believe that this issue would not be instantly lowered nor would immediately fade away from the global scene into what the government expects to slim down because of some advertised political plans, propaganda hacks, initial actions that did not continue in the long run and that were also partly accomplished.

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