Discussion On Domain E Website On Creating And Maintaining An Effective Environment For Student 's Learning

Discussion On Domain E Website On Creating And Maintaining An Effective Environment For Student 's Learning

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Discussion on Domain E
Domain E focuses on creating and maintaining an effective environment for student’s learning. This Teacher Performance Expectation concentrates on the following components: First, the teacher should create a physical environment that engages all students. For instance; classroom arrangement should be structured that will promote learning. Students should feel good being in the classroom environment, all the things inside that include posters, classroom design, and furniture arrangement. Second, the teacher should motivate the students, provide suitable reinforcement and feedback, and maintain appropriate expectations. This factor is critical in keeping the students’ interest. Reinforcers in the form of a token economy are very efficient and making sure to follow through with rules and expectations. Third, the teacher should effectively manage and respond to student conduct in a legal and ethical manner. The teacher needs to pay attention to individual, small group, and large group activities, with awareness to students who manifest emotional and behavioral disorders. The teacher must be able to diffuse any situations that may escalate to conflict or violence. With this in mind, the teacher should remember how to handle challenging behavior and apply positive behavior support. Fourth, the teacher should demonstrate the knowledge and ability to support the movement, mobility, sensory, and specialized health care needs required for students to access classrooms, schools and the community to the fullest extent of their ability and the law. Students with limited mobility will have a specific spot close to the entrance of the classroom. It is essential to have enough room where students can move around and push wh...

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...t plan is imperative in order to maintain an efficient class. Additionally, Behavior Support Plan is essential to deal with inappropriate behaviors. Along with the adult assistants, the classroom team may not be able to completely alter behaviors, but they can use an efficient Behavior Support Plan. And like exercising muscles to develop the body, the BSP, used with a uniform frequency, can be used to change and strengthen the student’s behavior to a more desired response.


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