Essay on Discussion of The Tourist Gaze by John Urry

Essay on Discussion of The Tourist Gaze by John Urry

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A trip was undertaken to Bali over the past weekend and will provide the basis for this report. The trip was meant for gaining exposure for new experience in new place. The aim of this essay is to discover the culture of the paradise island- Bali and the Urry’s 9 characteristics of tourism will be discuss further in the essay, how the model be useful during the trip, as well as the motivation of travel will be study in the essay. The main findings of the essay including the characteristics of tourism can be determined and the motivation of travel for various type of travellers are vary too.
The trip itself
It was a 3 days 2 night trips over the weekend and accompanied with my partner. We flew by Tiger airways and arranged the itinerary by our own. We prefer not to join the tour as we were hoping our trip schedules and activities to be more flexible. We picked some famous tourist spots in South Bali such as Kuta and Seminyak as our main visiting area, water sport activities were undertaken on second day at the popular water sport beach area- Nusa Dua. We had tried out the famous local food (refer to appendix 2.) such as grilled suckling pig, Balinese satay, Balinese nasi goreng, and grilled fresh seafood at the Jimbaran Beach accompanied with one of the best sunset view in Bali and music performance by the locals. We rented a motorbike from the locals and explored the path by using GPS for cost saving instead of taking a cab to reach our destinations. Bali is well known for the best travel destination, thus the tourist services and activities can be found anywhere in the island, motorbike renting is one of the common services offered to the tourists.
Literature review, what it means
Tourist Gaze
This essay aims to d...

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...lished many routes and Bali is one of their frequent flyer points which operating 3 flights per day, and that became the reason why we chose Tigerair for our transportation due to its affordability and good service rendered.
6. Places are chosen to be gazed upon because there is an anticipation.
Tourist go to the destination and gaze at places in anticipation of pleasure, through fantasy and daydreaming. Such anticipation are mostly influenced by the media including TV, film, magazines, videos and records, which construct and reinforce that gaze.
We experienced the “fantastical” expectations during our research on the Bali trip, from reading the travel blog, brochures, listening to other’s stories and seeing their photos. Therefore, Bali always treated as the best place to visit and owns the name of “Paradise Island” which gaze for fantasy, and relaxing holiday.

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