Discussion Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

Discussion Of Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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Discussion of Macbeth
Significance of Tomorrow Soliloquy

In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, there are many instances in which a character in the play gives a soliloquy or and aside. The most significant one, and actually one of Shakespeare’s most famous passages, is Macbeth’s Tomorrow soliloquy. This passage takes a lot of deep thinking and analyzing to understand Shakespeare’s full meaning. “A sensitive modern reader seems to feel very acutely indeed that this passage is a consummate expression of the very essence of despair and disillusionment, doubt and pessimism, the irrevocable hopelessness and solitude of man, which Renaissance individualism opposed to medieval optimism; but for most readers it is not at all clear by what means this vast idea is conveyed. Time, then, is the keyword of the first half of Macbeth’s soliloquy, and I shall attempt to say something about the particular nature and function of time in this monologue.” (Horst) It makes sense that time would be a significant theme in this passage. Macbeth has wasted so much time during his rule being paranoid about losing the throne and constantly worrying about the witches’ prophecies. He didn’t appreciate the time in the throne that he had and now time is running out. He realizes that after Lady Macbeth dies, time in your life is not certain.
Another significance meaning to Macbeth’s soliloquy is the realization he feels towards the end of the play. He now knows the repercussions to his actions. “The soliloquy, in response to news of his wife’s death, exhibits a mind catching up with reality. Whether before or after the first tomorrow, it is in this line that the futility of deferral suddenly becomes apparent to him. With the loss of his wife, he has lost everything t...

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...e was a good reason behind everything he did. Macbeth showed loyalty and honor at the beginning of the play, so he wanted deep down to believe that he could still be that person. “Ultimately the credibility of Macbeth as a Now-generation swinger yields to the incredibility of the closing scenes. The stoic atmosphere of the fifth act when Macbeth finds life has "fall 'n into the sere" (V. iii. 23) and that he has "supp 'd full with horrors" (V. v. 13), attitudes epitomized in the" 'tomorrow and tomorrow" soliloquy, all suggest utterances of a man ripe in years and judgement, not those of a petulant and spoiled young usurper.” (Rothwell) Macbeth tries to convince himself that what he does wasn’t for the wrong reasons. He realizes that he lost his honor that he held at the beginning of the play, and he has grown into a wiser man after all the horrors he has endured.

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