The Discussion Of Nature Versus Nurture Essay

The Discussion Of Nature Versus Nurture Essay

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The discussion of nature versus nurture is always highly debated. However, it is not that simple of it being one or the other. Rather that nature and nurture go hand and hand. So much of what makes up a person is not done consciously but lies in the unconscious. How a person views themselves is dependent on what that person does in their life. The negative outlook can form a negative self -view that will hinder a person’s achievements. A person develops and matures over time with life experiences shaping who they end up becoming. Positive experiences can shape a person’s personality for the better. What is positive to one person may not be seen as positive to another. Rewards and punishments are motivations of behavior. People are likely to not do certain things if they do not want to endure the consequence. However, people will stretch pass their normal personality if the reward is great enough. No matter what happens to a person in life Jesus came to redeem and with Him all is possible.

Personalities come in so many different styles. The psychology behind one’s personality is such a varied topic. It seems that our personality is formed before we are even born. From that God had set a plan for us. Whether or not our parents possessed a gene carried a personality disorder or created a negative environment Jesus came so that we can over come that. The events that occur in our lives will change us. Each person holds the power to allow those situations to alter their personality in a positive or negative way.
It is common for personality traits to run in families. Children often adopt certain personality traits from parents or grandparents. Twin studies concluded that familial transmission is more likely to be on...

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...e even created in our mother’s womb and we were meant to be set apart (Jeremiah 1:5). Thankfully, God sent his son Son Jesus for our redemption. Christ came and died on the cross to overcome. Once we have Christ in us nothing else matters not even genetics. Believers have the gift of the Holy Spirit that brings on the Fruits of the Spirit. This means that no matter what our natural personality may be once we become believers in Christ we have been given the ability to be kind, patient, good, loving, joyful, gentle, faithful and have self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). As an individual grows in Christ they go through a process called “Sanctification”. This simply means that a person is growing to be holy. It is a process that takes time. We have the hope that God who started a good work in all of us will bring it to completion one day (Philippians 1:6).

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