Discussing Sharon Duchesneau And Candy Mccollough 's Thoughts On Creating A Deaf Child

Discussing Sharon Duchesneau And Candy Mccollough 's Thoughts On Creating A Deaf Child

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In this paper, I will be discussing Sharon Duchesneau and Candy McCollough’s thoughts on creating a deaf child. I will first explain Sharon and Candy’s argument for creating a deaf child. I will conclude by explaining and responding to a possible objection that could be made to their argument.
In an interview with the Washington Post, Sharon and Candy support their decision of using a deaf sperm donor to increase their chances of having a deaf child. Many have criticized this decision since the parents are intentionally trying to have a child with a disability. During the interview, the deaf couple express that deafness is only perceived as a disability because culture is based upon spoken language. They explain how American Sign Language (ASL) allows the deaf to have a culture of their own. It is important to Sharon and Candy that their children are associated with that culture, since it plays such an important role in their life. (Mundy)
Though they both admit that life as a deaf person has its hardships, they say it is no different than the issues faced by women and blacks. Therefore, Sharon and Candy argue that wanting a deaf child is no different than someone trying to conceive a black or female child. Black, female, and deaf children all face societal disadvantages. These same groups can also be deliberately or unintentionally discriminated against in terms of education, employment, and income. Despite these hardships, it is possible for black, female, and deaf children to succeed and thrive in life. With that said, Sharon and Candy believe that if it’s not wrong to create a black or female child, then creating a deaf child shouldn’t be either. (Anstey)
Though it may be convincing, some flaws can be found in Sharon and Ca...

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...at Gallaudet College. She communicated through speech and used the small amount of hearing she did have to assist in reading people’s lips. (Mundy) Although the culture of the majority makes it hard for the deaf to integrate, it is not impossible for the deaf to speak to and understand hearing people through reading lips and speech therapy. Though having a hearing child wouldn’t be bad, having a child that only speaks in your own language is significantly easier. (Spriggs)It is also true that the larger deaf culture is made, the more political power the deaf community will have. (Anstey) With more political power it would be easier to prove that deafness is not a disability but an identity and culture. Also, with political power comes acceptance that would allow Sharon and Candy, and other parents like them, to choose whatever life for their child that they see fit.

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