Essay about Discuss The Human, Drive, And Psychotherapy

Essay about Discuss The Human, Drive, And Psychotherapy

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Discuss the human "drive" to alleviate suffering.
Counselling and Psychotherapy are twentieth century inventions, in which they both represent the repair of the human 's psychological suffering. Suffering and struggles within the mind have been knowledgeable for more than a millennia, allowing many remedies to be practiced.
Nonetheless, there is a crucial flaw in some contemporary theories. One of them being Freud 's view of human nature being too 'harsh '. Amongst this piece, there is an insight into the differences between modern and old styles of therapy, with hints of the old being intertwined with the new. In addition to this, is the
Suffering creates a perspective which can be 'unhealthy ' and, in some ways, 'healthy '. According to Friedrich Nietszche, a German Philosopher, "Das was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker" in translation means "What does not kill me, makes me stronger", thus being a prime example of a healthy type of suffering. However, in reference to Zorba the Greek, "Life is trouble, only death is not", a prime example of unhealthy suffering. In essence, suffering can be used for good or bad depending on the situation and how you apply it.
People refer to counselling when in time of need. This profession is somewhat new due to many of the old methods and theories still being used to this day. However, modern counselling also relies on evidence based models, instead of just 'blind faith '. In order to alleviate suffering, counselling provides guidance and support for people in need.
In order to reduce more severe suffering, such as depression and anxiety, it could result in the use of psychotherapy, in comparison to counselling being used more for guidance. This develops from treatment for an...

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...ily and weekly basis is all conscrewed in the unconscious aspect to the brain, including impulses and emotions. He places great emphasis on how a past experience could sub-consciously have a rather large influence in our present day and life, yet we are unknowingly aware of it. Also, Freud 's work is still highly used in today 's understanding of counselling and psychotherapy, despite all of the criticisms he has faced from professionals in the subject.
In addition to this, the 'Ancient World ' and 'Modern period ' has a significant influence on therapy and counselling as many old ways, especially through sociological and epidemiological, are interpreted in new techniques.
As a result, Freud and the ancient and modern techniques all help evolve and contribute to the human need and 'drive ' to alleviate suffering from those suffering from mental illnesses,

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