Discrimination on Women: Fight for Equality

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Years have passed since Berkeley was a place that was governed by the male stereotype whereby close to everything was done from a male perspective. Gender discrimination in this age and era has been at an all time low but there are those people who do not wish to accept that we are all equal. There have been attempts to change the idea that some people have of the way that women or the female gender should be treated but they have seemed to be futile. This paper shall discuss the inequality that occurs by gender and its relation to some of the things that have happened in the past. In the time when people were more focused on the gender of a person, there was a lot of disparity in the way that they treated each other. Men were held more highly than women because it was believed that men could do things better than women. This belief came to being because women had already started to believe that they could do anything that a man could, if not better. It was for this reason has always been a disparity in the way that ladies are treated. Furthermore, as much as we would like to believe that gender inequality is a thing of the past and is not taking place today, it still is but behind the scenes. This is can be seen, for instance, in the way that income is distributed among people in the United States. According to a 2009 census of the weekly earnings of people in the United States, there was a clear disparity that was visible and it was neither by race nor ethnicity but it was by gender. The women were earning lower than the men no matter what criterion was put into play. Whether it was by ethnicity or by race, the male were always paid more than the women (Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2009). Secondly, in the 1960s, Berkeley c... ... middle of paper ... ... away with but it is this that makes women not ‘qualify’ for jobs that require a religious connection but they are for this reason seen as the most spiritual gender. This is as well seen in the way that there is some form of classism among humans. The fact that people will judge each other about their social class, there is the fact that women too fall into that category. In the rush to have a dream life and family, a trophy wife is one of the desires thus creating a gap between different women due to this categorization. In conclusion, the fact that there is some form of inequality that is present in terms of gender, this brings about a greater feeling of lower self worth among the people that this inequality is geared towards, the women and it is with this mentality against women that people would end up leading lives that are not only miserable but just boring.
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