Essay on Discrimination Is Becoming A Bigger

Essay on Discrimination Is Becoming A Bigger

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Imagine being discriminated against because of a preference or something that is unable to be changed. What would that feel like? Discrimination is happening all around the world, with all different kinds of people. People can be discriminated against by all types of things, such as age, sex, race, religion, sexuality, height, etc. I believe that discrimination is becoming a bigger cause in other countries as the United States (US) and that it should be addressed more than it is being. There are many types of discrimination going on throughout various places but, the three main ones happening are sexuality discrimination, race discrimination, and religious discrimination. The biggest one accruing right now is sexuality discrimination.
Sexuality discrimination is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in a few states in the US because some feel that their not getting the freedom to choose their sexual preference as others are. A few years ago gays, lesbians, bis, and transsexuals had no protection against them what so ever (Helfer). There are almost thirteen states in the United States that have passed laws that are dealing with the credit discrimination (LGBT). Some believe that they are being discriminated against because of same sex marriage and their rights to be able to adopt children (Melehi). Why are families and children being affected because of a persons sexual belief?
Mass violations against gays and lesbians are increasing as time passes. This is affecting some people’s employment in jobs. In other states they are discriminating against people that are in line with ones of the same sex, and are not wanting any of them working for their company. Rachel Murray says “with the exception of South Africa, where ...

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...ployment (Sex Discrimination). Mostly in the United States women fight and have to deal with sex discrimination (Shih).
Discrimination needs to be noticed more around the world than it is being. Discriminating against someone can be judging them by many things. Discrimination is mistreating and/or giving different treatment to various people because of sex, religion, color, ethnicity, race, sexuality, etc. Suicide is becoming a bigger deal because more discrimination is happening, and some feel the need to take their lives for it, therefore this needs to be looked more into and a bigger issue worldwide instead of just in some states. The three main types of discrimination accruing are racial discrimination, sexuality discrimination, and last but not least religious discrimination. They are happening in all different places of the world not just in the United States.

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