Essay about Discrimination Inequality And The United States

Essay about Discrimination Inequality And The United States

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Discrimination in Today’s Society
Income inequality, poverty and discrimination are issues that the United States is currently facing. The United States is among one of the countries that have the highest average household income, however this does not accurately represent each household. Data shows that there is significantly less income inequality over a longer period of time rather than in a single year because income mobility is more substantial over time. The more period of time that is considered for an individual, the more equal the distribution of income becomes. Government taxes and transfer significantly reduce income inequality by redistributing income from higher income groups to lower income groups.
There is no simple way to explain why some individuals have more income than others. Some factors that explain why income inequality exists include: ability, education and training, discrimination, preference and risks, unequal distribution of wealth, market power, and luck/connections/misfortune. Abilities and skills vary from people to people that allows individuals to be successful in certain jobs or careers and influences their pay. People also receive different levels of education and training, thus those who tend to acquire more education and training have the capacity to earn higher incomes. Discrimination in education, hiring, training and promotions affects incomes. Discrimination towards certain race, an ethic or gender group pushes those individuals towards lower paying jobs. Income also depends on the preferences of the individuals in the working market. Those who chose to stay at home with children, part-time workers or those who choose to retire early make less income than those who choose the opposite alte...

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...elt like not matter what I did to receive better treatment, it did not happen and it was not going to change.
The only solution to discrimination starts with us. We can only control our actions and if we witness someone else being discriminating against, we need to do something or say something. Many people who discriminate against other individuals continue to humiliate and degrade others because no one has bothered to say something to stop them. We need to stop the negative comments we say about other races or ethnic groups because just as we take pride in our own culture, they take pride in theirs. We need act like how we want those who surround us to act and be the example. Things wont change over night but we can make sure that those who we surround ourselves with are more conscious of what they say. The change that we want to see in our society starts with us.

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