Discrimination, Inequality, And Justice For Few Essay

Discrimination, Inequality, And Justice For Few Essay

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Minorities: Discrimination, Inequality, and Justice for Few
According to minorities today, racism and discrimination are some of the major factors that are present in the workplace. In the labor force specifically, we see racism, discrimination, and inequality that deprive minorities of the opportunity to succeed in life. Research shows that African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, lesbians, gays, and transgenders in the world suffer injustices that shouldn’t be taking place according to laws that were placed to defend these groups. According to the research, minorities in the labor force are not getting their due because they are treated unequally, face discrimination and their employers violate their rights.
To begin, minorities in the labor force are not getting their due because they are not treated equally and face discrimination. One of the most common forms of discrimination between minorities is due to a person 's race, followed by a person’s sex. Moore & Continelli (2016) found “One explanation for these disparities is the segregation of different racial and ethnic groups into different occupational categories with varying levels of both material (e.g., income,benefits) and intangible (e.g., prestige, power) rewards”. In other words, minorities experience occupational segregation due to their race;hence, minorities are being deprived of opportunities. Another reason why minorities are deprived of opportunities is because of their sex. According to Vendetti (2013), “The Americans With Disabilities Act demand that employers accommodate workers with medical complications from pregnancy, pregnancy itself is not considered a disability.” yet, he informs us that “In one case, a woman who worked at a Walmart in Kansas was f...

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...t should focus on devising a new proposition to protect the rights of minority laborers.
Overall, according to my research, it seems to be that minorities in the labor force are not getting their due. There is clearly inequality and discrimination in the workforce that causes minorities to be deprived of opportunities. Minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, women, gays, and transgenders, have all had their rights violated and have been denied of many opportunities due to their race, color, and sexual preference. Although companies have programs in the workplace that are supposed to protect workers, these programs have been proven to be inefficient in removing discrimination from the workplace. To conclude, although programs and laws have been created to protect minorities in the labor force, these minorities are still not getting their due in the workplace.

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