Essay about Discrimination in Providing Healhtcare to Elders

Essay about Discrimination in Providing Healhtcare to Elders

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Patch 3 of the study will continue by critically investigating policies targeted at older people’s ability in accessing mental health care services. The substance of the Equality Bill will be researched to gather an insight of its proposal to guild against discrimination of older people; the essay will progress by critiquing the bill and its lack of meeting the objectives of protecting the older people, mostly Black Ethnic Minority to access mental health treatment based on demand rather than age. Finally, the essay will give a critical reflection on the effect of discrimination and stigmatisation of older people, including a brief discussion on how social work professionals can support vulnerable older people with mental health.
Evidence shows that there are huge discrimination in terms of providing health care services for older people (age discrimination), which lead the Department of Health to the revision of how mental health care services are provided to vulnerable older people in the context of the European Commission Draft Directive (July 2008), via the UK parliament on the Equality Bill in 2009-2010. The bill opposes age discrimination in terms of offering quality mental health services (Centre for Ageing, 2009).
The Equality Bill, which has the policy of establishing a Society for All Ages (July 2009), a policy that is targeted on placing bans on unjustifiable age discrimination; this policy came to effect in April, 2012. Admitted in the policy is the Equality Duty, which places demands on all organisations that offer services to people must accept the regard to help eradicate unwarranted discrimination; victimisation, harassment and advanced equality of the opportunities between different groups of people; including...

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...ring the best interest of the client will all reduce discrimination and stigmatization.
In conclusion, there are good reasons agree that there are loopholes in the current mental health care services provided to the older people in the UK, especially the Black Ethnic Minority. There is a need of urgent attention of the current situation of the mental health services, although the introduction of the Equality Bill aimed to wipe out and challenge discrimination and stigmatisation; however, there are minuscule or no change to the current state of affairs in terms of mental health discrimination for older people. Social Workers, healthcare professionals and including the governments have practiced a great deal in the field of promoting the welfare of older people’s mental health, much more can still be done to eliminate discrimination and stigmatization.

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