Discrimination in Henry Louis Gates Jr.´s What´s in a Name? and ADHD Essay

Discrimination in Henry Louis Gates Jr.´s What´s in a Name? and ADHD Essay

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr.’s “What’s in a Name?” was an extremely emotional piece of literature. He wrote it to show people how hurt he was about his father, who was a well-respected man around his town, being called “George”. “George” was an infamous name that white people called all black people when they were discriminating against them. Gates hated that his father was put to a lower standard than he truly was by being called “George”.
Like Gates, I hate discrimination. When I was younger, I was discriminated against just like Gates’ father was. I was discriminated against for being Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Discrimination can take a toll on you and can leave you ran down to a point where you do not know if you can get back up.
When I was in 4th grade, I got diagnosed with ADHD. All the kids thought of me as the girl with the mental disease. They would run around screaming, “Don’t talk to her. Her disease will rub off on you.” I would sit in the corner with my best friend until eventually she started believing their rumors. I had never felt so lonely and hurt in my young life. The prejudice of the kids was one of the many reasons I switched schools.
After switching schools, the torment did not stop. It actually increased rapidly. I was on medicine to control my ADHD. It made me more zoned out than it controlled my attention and hyperactivity. The children would always laugh and point their fingers at me when this accorded. They would talk behind my back saying, “Its zombie girl. Don’t go towards her.” They would make these jokes until about lunch time when my medicine would wear off then they would see a side of me that was completely opposite.
When I went into middle school, my grades started to suffe...

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... activity with them and I have to tell them no because I still do not have my homework done. They look at me like I am crazy because I have a hard time paying attention while I am doing homework. I hear them talk about how I need to start thinking harder and start being more studious. People talk about how slow I am with my homework. So I started working every day, when I have free time, on my homework and focusing on just homework and nothing else so that the discrimination against my ADHD will be gone.
Gates’s father was discriminated against for being black and I was discriminated against for having ADHD. Prejudice words can hurt more than physical abuse can. It take a toll on the person that is going through the prejudice. It can change how you towards yourself and can make it hard for the person to know who they really are. Prejudice is hurtful and cruel.

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