Essay on Discrimination And The Human Rights

Essay on Discrimination And The Human Rights

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Disability: Any person who has a mental or physical deterioration that initially limits one or more major everyday life activities. Millions of people all over the world, are faced with discrimination, the con of being unprotected by the law, and are not able to participate in the human rights everyone is meant to have. For hundreds of years, humans with disabilities are constantly referred to as different, retarded, or weird. They have been stripped of their basic human rights; born free and are equal in dignity and rights, have the right to life, shall not be a victim of torture or cruelty, right to own property, free in opinion and expression, freedom of taking part in government, right in general education, and right of employment opportunities. Once the 20th century began, institutionalisation and the mistreatment of individuals with disabilities was still frequently occurring. After the Two World Wars, thousands of veterans came home with disabilities and were treated and seen differently even though they were “normal” before they left. To disable this, multiple laws and acts, were enacted to recognize for the first time in history the protection of disable persons. One of these acts was the Social Security act was passed by Congress in 1935, for the recovery, reform, and relief to the Great Depression. This act established old age benefits and funding for assistance to blind individuals and disabled children and the extension of existing vocational rehabilitation programmes. In present day society, since the passage of the ADA (American with Disabilities Act of 1990) endless efforts of the disability rights movement have continued on the focus of the rigorous enforcement of the ADA, as well as accessibility for people with ...

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... globally, it is extremely important that these issues are acknowledged and taken into consideration. Therefore, China proposes these following solutions. The first solution in protecting the rights of the disabled is to encourage equality of disabled people. We must take into deliberation that there are numerous types of disabilities and that there numerous rights that are being violated by society. Even though there are laws demanding that all people should be treated equally and fairly, people still violate those laws because people with disabilities are “different.” We must make sure that these laws are not being abused. Many of the people who are diagnosed with a disability do not have the physical nor mental strength, to fight for their equality and rights, which is why it is our obligation to protect these people from being harmed both physically and verbally.

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