Discrimination And Its Effects On Ethnic Belonging And Cultural Differences Continues

Discrimination And Its Effects On Ethnic Belonging And Cultural Differences Continues

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Criminalization is a process by which behaviours are transformed into a crime, through treating certain actions that are more likely to be committed by a specific ethnicity or class as a criminal act, and the individuals performing the acts, as lawbreakers (Michalowski 6).In Ontario, for example the Safe Street Act imposed in 1999, determines acts that are most likely to be committed by homeless or poor as criminal behavior. Canada became a self-declared multicultural nation in 1972, with United States (US) following shortly after. Policy reforms occurred in the turn of the century, promoting an accepting society for all, the diminishment of racism. However, some forms of prejudice and discrimination still remain, though it may not always be clearly apparent, racialization, discrimination and prejudice have not ended. This essay will argue that Inequality and unwarranted treatments of individuals due to their ethnic belonging and cultural differences continues. Is rooted well in society and leads to the criminalization of vulnerable groups, both in Canada and the United States (US); the poor, the adolescence, women, and racial minority groups.
Re-structuring of government Policies have intensified the dynamics of inequality in society. The ill-mannered representation of the poor and poverty-stricken, shape their access to already limited spending on public services (Bond 420). The misrepresentation of poverty in certain communities, takes away focus from the decrease in spending of social programs and the ongoing growth of investment in incarceration. The unsympathetic treatment of the poor and the neoliberal indication that poor people are lazy, and if they worked harder they would be able to do well for themselves are attempt...

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...me historical coin” continues as the criminalization of the poor and people of colour remains (Kilgore 360). The most publicized aspect of the criminalization of the working class is shown in the number of people imprisoned (Kilgore 360). However the discrimination does not end with jail time, it trickles down to their human rights and liberties. Only two states allow incarcerated people to vote, while 30 states don’t even allow citizens on parole to vote. In 2009 more than 5.3 million American citizens were rendered vote less (Kilgore 359). However the incarcerated are counted as part of the population in the areas where they are imprisoned, these are predominantly white rural areas. Giving more constituency representation to those areas and the people running them, while excluding the meagre from receiving benefits created for the poor and unemployed (Kilgore 359).

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