Discrimination And Harassment At The Workplace Essay

Discrimination And Harassment At The Workplace Essay

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The articles we have chosen to utilize to supplement our research revolve around the discrimination and harassment in the workplace of the following groups: adolescent employees, females, racial minorities, and economically disadvantaged. Given the elements within our narrative, we have found the following sources to support the personal experiences with employee harassment and discrimination.
The first article I’d like to introduce was published in 2008, and focuses on the adversity faced by youth in the workplace. The authors of this research interviewed fourteen men and nineteen women in their late twenties, regarding their experiences as employees as high school students compared to now. The individuals sampled came from a variety of racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and all shared similar experiences varying in severity. Data gathered from the interviews expressed consistent patterns in youth employees, leading the authors to draw a hypothesis which argues that, “ the effects of gender, race, and class operate simultaneously at cultural, organizational, and individual levels to shape workplace experiences such as harassment”(89) .
Another article we will be utilizing to create our paper is centralized around the access to hierarchical networks in feminine dominated occupations versus male dominated occupations. The author of the article interviewed 43 managers, varying masculine and feminine work environments to discuss how their hierarchies function, and how gender is represented in managerial positions. The research conducted found that in organizations which are traditionally perceived as feminine in nature, hierarchies are almost non-existent, even when a small population of males are employed at the organiza...

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...ing stylistic conflict.
Bullying in the workplace is a common obstacle many employees face on a regular basis. Scholars La Van and Martin observe the many reasons instances of bullying go unreported and why they are able to be continually perpetuated, despite policies set to protect the individual worker. This article will be useful to our case, because it will give us a source that dissects the legal and social aspects that contribute to mistreatment of employees.
The final article we have chosen to utilize expounds upon the paradox of power between genders in the workplace. The research they conducted shows women in positions of authority likely targets of sexual harassment from men. This is explained as a man’s way to equalize the power women have over them, with disrespectful verbal and nonverbal communication, as actions of power and control, over sexual desire.

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