Essay on Discrimination Against Women in Turkey

Essay on Discrimination Against Women in Turkey

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Throughout history, in every region of the world, there has always been discrimination

between genders. Regardless of the culture or economic situation, women have always been

dominated by men. Domination by the male sex can be caused either by our nature or culture.

It is hard to point to only one cause, there might be several and they require several solution.

The most definite solution is education of course, but it needs time to reveal itself. There must

be something to done for the ones who unable to get an education. In order to make adults

awake of the problem, the media also can be used. This essay will argue that, to prevent the

discrimination between genders both education and media should be used.

Discrimination against women is generally caused by ignorance of women or the role

of men which is given by our culture to them. Since it is a patriarchal culture we live in,

traditions and people’s opinion on women are kind of discriminative. It is men who

discriminates but women are also careless about the situation or most probably they don’t

know what to do. In order to inform women about their rights and to make men conscious

about their attitudes towards women the media could be used as an intermediary. The power

of the media cannot be underestimated in the age we live in. With developing technology, the

number of people the media reaches is more than ever today. For example, Hürriyet stared a

campaign named “Aile İçi Şiddete Son”. They have set up a call center which provides people

with information about their legal rights and orienteering them how to get help for those who

face violence, rape or any kind of problem. According to their statistics; sev...

... middle of paper ... people understand the importance of education. People who didn’t allow

their girls to go to school ten years ago, now encourage their girls to get an education. Those

projects are effective but, they cannot fund all the charges for education of those girls. The

Government should also do something for them because it is their responsibility to educate

these people, not volunteers.

To conclude, discrimination against women is a major problem in Turkey. Most of the

people, even the ones who suffer from the situation, ignore the problem. Ignorance and

desperation of the women cause the problems. Education is one and the only way to solve

this problem but it must be supported by both government and society. Since education is a

long term investment media is also responsible for supporting campaigns and women.

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