Essay Discrimination Against the African American Popluation

Essay Discrimination Against the African American Popluation

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Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. “ Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes on every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them.” In daily basis, every single person on this earth is facing different kind of discrimination. In general discrimination prevails in life particulars. We are living in a world that is based on qualifications. Being a normal human is no longer accepted. However, African Americans are one of the most populations in this world who faced discrimination in general: Racial discrimination in particular. Although African Americans faced racial discrimination due to slavery period hundred years ago, racial discrimination still prevails in African Americans life in the present, lead by huge psychological affects.
Near 1400’s African Americans were suffering discrimination due the beginning of slavery period. During that period African Americans faced many kind of segregation, and humiliation under the concept of being slaved. They were segregated from their children’s and families for long time that even if they thought of going back home, there was no home. And they faced humiliation by being used as servant. Also, given no rights to be educated, or dependent. Back in time being “Black” was an issue, that white people did not accept the idea of living with “Black” person in one place and has the same rights equally. As for this, white people came up with a federal rule that would satisfy both sides. They came up with “ separated but equal” in which African Americans had their own neighborhood, schools, churches, shops, restrooms, and so on. As well as white people. But this rule wasn’t fair enough. Agreeably, African...

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...en in the present still affects African Americans psychological status. Reassembling their personality regarding to years of obliterating. It necessitates a massive courage, and self-confidence treatments to rebuild the great psychological gap that slavery period left in African Americans life. Slavery period affected the way African Americans impression. They underestimate the value of their dignity, deeds, and life. Also, they would detest their skin color; prefer the white color for its privileges. As a matter of fact, in a psychology study done on African Americans children. Children were displayed in front of two colored dolls; one is white skinned doll, and the other one is black skinned doll. Children are asked to choice the preferable doll; as a result most of the children picked the white skinned doll due to all of the positive outcomes and characteristics.

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