Essay on Discrimination Against African Americans By Richard Wright

Essay on Discrimination Against African Americans By Richard Wright

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Unequal Opportunities
Discrimination against African Americans is still apparent in modern society, even after the Civil Rights Movement had taken place in the United States. Richard Wright writes his autobiography from his perspective of growing up as an African American boy constantly feeling rejected by society with troublesome experiences and feelings growing up before the Civil Rights Movement. However, today these issues still occur daily for many African Americans, who are taken advantage of and lack equal opportunities to succeed, compared to Caucasians. If Wright were writing an autobiography titled “Black Boy,” about the life of a young African American growing up in the United States in 2016, he would write about the apparent negative effects of racial profiling, unequal employment opportunities for African Americans, and the educational gap between Caucasians and African Americans.
While growing up, Wright experienced the damaging effects of racial profiling like many young African Americans today. Likewise, many African Americans experience harassment from police officers because they are viewed as suspicious without realistic justification, since they believe in African Americans stereotypes, such as being suspicious and violent. Many African Americans feel trapped in a society where they are mistreated due to the assumptions made by Caucasians. For example, Devin and Rufus Scales had experienced unfair treatment by two officers during what was considered a routine stop. When 26 year old Rufus was driving his younger brother in North Carolina, he was pulled over, then harassed by the officers that arrived. According to the New York Times article, “The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black,” Sharon LaFraniere...

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...ricans and Caucasians are still a reoccurring issue.
Wright experienced many downfalls throughout his life due to the negative experiences he had with others. He faced the misfortunes of being rejected by society and his peers. He spoke about the similar experiences he had gone through like what many other African Americans still have to endure today. Wright would stress for the urgency to change, so society would equally support African Americans. He would feel discouraged to be aware of many African Americans lacking the equal likelihood of success compared to Caucasians. If Wright were to write a present-day autobiography about an African American growing up in today’s society in the United states, he would emphasize the apparent negative effects of racial profiling, unequal employment opportunities, and educational gap between Caucasians and African Americans.

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