Essay on Discriminating in Sentencing

Essay on Discriminating in Sentencing

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Discriminating in sentencing is an issue that needs to be fixed. A person could be discriminated against because of their age, sex, or race. It could work out in their favor or hurt them tremendously. The most common type of discrimination is due to race. It’s sad but I don’t think we will ever live in a world when people aren’t getting treated differently. There is a lot of data that proves people get different sentences for the same crimes. The reason they received a different sentence is because of their age, sex, or prestige. Money talks in the criminal justice system and this does help certain people. I have lost faith in our justice system, it is not uniform and depending on what judge you get or what lawyer you hired is a factor in what kind of sentence you will receive. Crimes are always going to be committed no matter what we do, but if there isn’t any differences in sentencing this might make people think before they do something. An example would be first time selling drugs the offender will get probation, second time selling drugs x amount of time, third time selling drugs x amount of time. This will be in the back of the person mind if it is known how much time they will get for that one charge of selling drugs. Most of the time people get multiple charges so this would be uniform for each charge. Connecticut doesn’t have the three-strike law, but we should. The three strikes law increases the prison sentences of a person who is convicted of a felony but already has been convicted on two other serious felonies. If life in prison is an option after getting sentenced two other times this might make people retreat committing another crime. Did you know that one in every one hundred and eight adults in the United State...

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