Essay about The Discovery of The X-Ray: Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen

Essay about The Discovery of The X-Ray: Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen

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In 1895 Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen a German Physicist discovered X-rays by accident while experimenting and investigating the effects of electron beams in electrical discharges in low- pressure gasses (Netting Ruth 1). Rontgen learned when a screen coated with a fluorescent material placed outside a discharge tube would glow even though it is protected or shielded by direct visible and ultra violet light of the gaseous discharge (Stark Glenn 1). He came to the conclusion that an invisible radiation that originates from the tube passed through the tube and caused the screen to fluoresce (Stark Glenn 1). When Rontgen placed an object between the tube and screen which successfully becomes transparent, which is being able to see through the object with the screen leading to a new form of radiation also known as X-rays(Stark Glenn 1). As a result of Rontgen’s discoveries and documentaries he was given praise and a positive outlook by others fascinating and surprising them as well as leading to more curiosity and advances in the future by other professionals. X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that holds the characteristics of having extremely short wavelengths as well as a high frequency with wavelengths ranging from 10 to the -8th power to 10 to the -12th power in meters or m, and the frequencies that range from 10 to the 16th power to 10 to the 20th power in hertz, abbreviated as Hz (Stark Glenn 1). X-rays carry physical properties that are similar to others in the electromagnetic spectrum, such as visible light, infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation (Stark Glenn 2). In the electromagnetic spectrum, X-rays come behind gamma rays as having one of the shortest wavelengths on that scale, and behind X-rays is ultraviolent ...

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...gnificant amount of knowledge and understanding and concepts that are hard to do without it, and to solve many problems with this technology, benefitting us in the long run which makes lives much easier and simple. The usage of X-rays have been helpful in treating cancer, or looking at the bone structure, looking in materials, basically it gives scientists the ability to get more information which contributes to solving problems which would be hard and complicated without it. However with this technology brings flaws, problems and increase risks of cancer, health problems, and dangers when using X-rays. The amount of good that comes from X-rays are paid with a price of risks, but with more safe practices and technology being developed, X-ray will become more beneficial to humanity in general and save lives and further the advancement in technological innovations

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