The Discovery Of The Planet Cornbread Essay

The Discovery Of The Planet Cornbread Essay

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Quite a while back in the solar system, there was numbered to have 10 Planet; Mercury!, Venus!, Earth!, Opilus!, Mars!, Jupiter!, Saturn!, Uranus!, Neptune!, Pluto!, and Cornbread!!. This planet was unique to us, we would remain absolutely determined to get its compound and components to fashion our weapons. We needed the Planet for to ourself as a result of what the Planet Cornbread is comprised of; vitality, gas, electric atom, Ununbium, and Lutetium these sorts of compounds are may together and having gives people weapons as though it was given by the Almighty God, no man could envision how much power can be in their grasp. The Planets common sort of, no life can approach it when it 's as one, the main way a living thing can approach it was if the planet was destroyed creating the components not to be as effective as it was the point at which it was as one as one. The human knows a planet can not contain so many effective components in one, we presumed that the planet would blast inside of a couple of years. As Earth got to be anxious they attempt to infringe upon the law of material science and began shooting nuclear bomb at it, after a few hours the planet starts to turn in huge velocity bringing about obstruction with Earth 's attractive field. BOOOOMMMMM!!!!. The planet Exploded, diffusing enormous bits of itself over the whole Solar System. The one thing that the people didn 't know is that they wasn 't the main living thing was viewing the same Cornbread Planet and holding up simply like the human. We made immense planning for a day like this and when our attractive field was capacity ordinarily we start up our vitality suction ship, we were all searching for a sheltered and positive excursion and out of the blue the boat...

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...l humans that he has find the way to stop the cursed spirit, but was ignored. Although the humans did not have faith in him, he tenacious in rehabilitating Earth. He finally found the cursed source of the Cornbread underneath the Science lab. The leader then used the spell that the Light Spirit of Opilus gave to him, the earth trimmer as the Cursed Spirit of Opilus rises to the sky and disappear the air, but when the spirit leave the humans, a human tried the Cornbread to see if it was edible as the huge crowed look at him to see if it was going to kill him, but it did not. Suddenly after the Cornbread disappeared the leader then tell the human that we are freed from the cursed. Every Thanksgiving the Cornbread will flourish the Earth and will disappear the day after. Earth was once again filled with happiness and laughter but danger awaits them in the near future.

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