The Discovery Of The Earth

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Once upon a time, I was walking around until I bumped into this weird looking room thing. I went inside and noticed that it was a time machine. Since I was learning how the earth was made in science, I decided to go back in time to where it all started. I set the options to 5 billion years ago and then I clicked go. The machine took me there in a flash. At that exact time the sun was being made. I observed that there were dust and rocks flying around everywhere around the sun. After watching it for a while, it got boring so I decided to go to when the earth was made. That was probably more interesting. I set the options to 4 and a half billion years ago and clicked go. There were rocks, pulling together to form the earth. Water vapor was all around the time machine. A planet was going so fast towards the earth, I had to quickly move the time machine. When the planet crashed into earth, It formed the earth’s moon. It felt very hot when I was there so I decided to fast forward to when the meteors crashed into the earth for 20 million years. I set the option to 3.9 billion years ago and clicked go. Lots of meteors were crashing into the earth. One of them cracked open when it was still outside of the earth. I spotted that water and salt was flying everywhere when the meteor crashed into the earth. I made the time go faster by a lot. The 20 million years that went by felt like a minute in the time machine. When the meteors stopped hitting the earth, I identified that the whole earth was water! After that, I wanted to see how the islands were made on the earth, so I set the options to 3.8 billion years ago and clicked go. When I got there, there were volcanoes erupting and the magma from it became hard. The magma becoming hard was how ... ... middle of paper ... ...ealized that there were high places over the northern hemisphere and as they were moving above the hemisphere, it was sculpting the landscape. After that, I wanted to see America form so I went to 20 thousand years ago. I witnessed America forming and the very first Americans down there. That was the last continent to be colonized. After that, I was curious to see America’s great lakes evolve. I went back to 14 thousand years ago. It was so cool when the ice retreated from the northern hemisphere. The spot where the huge depression was is now filled with water. When that was over, I decided to take one last trip before I went back to present day. I went back to 6 thousand years ago. At that time period, the ice went back to the Arctic and the Antarctic. After this long and fun day, I decided it was time to go back to present day. At present day everything is as it is.
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