Essay on The Discovery Of The Earth

Essay on The Discovery Of The Earth

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Before the Earth was a place that animals inhabited, there was a small green planet orbiting around the sun close to Earth called Equis. The flat, grass covered planet was dotted with small pools of water. Equis was inhabited mostly by the sun horses. The sun birthed the first generation of these horses which were carried on asteroids to Equis. These horses were captivatingly beautiful and strong. Most were yellow or red like the sun, with white flames for manes and tails. The possessed strong hooves and heavy bodies that made the planet shake when they galloped across it. There was a tribe of people residing on Equis. The moon had birthed them. Some of their skin was pale like the moon in it’s illuminated phase, others had dark skin like the moon at rest. Land, air, and sea animals were all born from the sun as well and inhabited the Equis with the sun horses and moon people.
One day, a small black sun horse came to drink out of one of the pools. As he drank his fill, he heard a voice come from the water. “Small Horse, there is very little water for me to swim in, please do not drink too much, or I may not be able to swim at all.” At this, the small horse stopped drinking, “I am sorry, I didn’t realize.”
“Why should you? You have plenty of grass to run across. How could you know what it is like to be a fish on a planet built for horses?” Small Horse thought for a moment. “That doesn’t seem fair, fish. There must be a place somewhere where you can live happily.” The fish thought that Small Horse’s thought was a far fetched one and laughed. “Maybe there is, but I will never find it as I am stuck in this pool. Some days, Small Horse, I wish I had legs like you. Legs that could stretch across the ground and make it shake with ...

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... Small Horse and created a river beside him. The fish that had spoken to Small Horse before swam up to him. “Small Horse, forgive me for doubting you, as you have found a home, not only for me, but for us all. You are not just large to me, it seems, you are just large. And you have used your power for good, I will never be able to repay you.” Small Horse assured the fish that there was no need to repay him, for the Earth was not just for the fish, but for himself as well. And for the moon people, the land animals, the flight beings, and the rest of the sea creatures, the place was everyone’s, and would remain so. “I should instead be thanking you, fish,” Small Horse said, “As I would have never realized my legs could jump like that if it weren’t for you.” The fish responded, “You knew, you just needed a reason to try. A reason bigger than yourself. And you found it.”

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