The Discovery Of Life On Mars Essay

The Discovery Of Life On Mars Essay

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This project started when the company I recently started working for, Dupunt, partnered with NASA. Our job was to help with designing a sample return vehicle that was going to be sent to Mars to collect soil samples. The robot that we built is named, “ELVIS.” Upon it’s return, scientist noticed that ELVIS’s polyurethane coat had deteriorated, which was supplied by Dupunt. I was called in to investigate the samples ELVIS brought back and to see what was the cause of ELVIS’s destruction.
The scientist who launched the probe believed that the soil samples could contain microorganisms. For this reason, ELVIS was designed to gather samples and maintain them in their normal atmospheric and temperature conditions. We hypothesized that the samples from the ELVIS probe contain bacteria native to Mars and these bacteria cannot be identified as related to Earthly bacteria. If the organisms are Earthly organisms, then they have characteristics that match known Earth organisms (Lab Manual).
Many have been studying the possibility of life on Mars for years. Some basic questions that have been analyzed are: “Can life exist on Mars?” “Can Martian organism grow on Earth?” “Could Earth organisms survive on Mars?” and “Could Earth organisms survive a trip to Mars and back?”.
The possibility for life on Mars is still up for debate. Scientist believe they found chemical structures that are similar to the byproducts of life on Earth, but living organisms aren’t the only cause of the production these byproducts. If life does exist on Mars, it has to be capable of surviving extremely harsh environments (Dunbar, 2004). A recent study has created a simulation to test whether or not organisms from Earth can survive life on Mars. The difference in conditio...

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**Lab Manual

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