The Discovery Of Fire And Its Positive Impact On Our Future Essay

The Discovery Of Fire And Its Positive Impact On Our Future Essay

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Directly or indirectly, we are always affected by new and emerging technology. Take the discovery of fire and its positive impact on our evolution. The ability to survive natures elements, yet we see the negative effects when a story breaks about thousands of acres burning only to find out that it was due to arson, or a disturbed lover pouring gasoline on his ex, and who can forget Oklahoma City, and list goes on and on. Today we have the advent of social media and it continues to significantly change our citizing for better and for the worse, whether it’s our familial connections, our long lost friendships there is no doubt that social media has impact us.

I can relate to what Matt Heidl wrote: “Facebook is a place for friends and family and fun.” This is my families preferred platform where we connect to congratulate one another from birthdays to anniversaries. It allows us to encourage and uplift one another almost immediately like Heidel said: “People want it to be their happy place.” Where as in the past, many of our familial connections were limited to weddings and funerals. ...

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