The Discovery Of Ancient Egypt Essay

The Discovery Of Ancient Egypt Essay

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Object 8- In 1900, a member of the Egypt Exploration Society excavated a grave in southern Egypt. He thoughtfully named his discovery Grave A23.This model of the four cattle’s was buried in grave that is believed to have been in Egypt and African descendants of cows first tamed after the ice age. This models is made up of clay which was found in Egypt 5000, it is believed to have been put in the grave to remind us how afterlife was in that era. Cows in Egypt were looked as of source of life in harsh desert environments and sometimes whole cows were buried with the people. Later on the year cows were looked as a religious symbol. Cows are believed to be first domesticated in North Africa around the 8000 BC. After the Ice age the climate had changes that were warmer causing the climate to be dried and they used cows for food and to carry water. This shows how the Economy of Egypt became a way of life and with these artifacts shows how food processing was in the early ages. Cows are small models, hand-molded out of a single lump of Nile river clay. It also shows how there were small farming communities living along the Nile valley. It also helped them by learning how to tame wild cows and being to know how to gather and manage herds. Study of the bones show that these cows were really old. Object 11- This object give us information how the pharaohs in Egypt on how their leadership and state control system was like. The method to control was by force and shows how this object describes some of the political issues. King Den 's sandal label was made around 3000 BC in Hippopotamus ivory, found in Abydos, Egypt. The sandal label is about one and a half inches square that is very thin that it feels like a modern day business card. This is...

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...daily beer rations for workers. Beer is represented by an upright jar with a pointed base. The symbol for portions is a human head eating from a bowl. The round and semicircular impressions represent the measurements. All the signs were produced by a cut. The Image shows how Money, laws, trade, employment were used in early writing that changes the nature of state control and state power like bureaucratic and economic. Most of the early tablets came from Uruk which was one of the large rich city-states of Mesopotamia that had grown too big and too complex for anyone to be able to run them. That’s why they created this to give information out by words. This shows how clay was important from the banks of the Euphrates and the Tigris that provided many purposes, from building cities to making pots, or the tablet which was for giving a quick and easy surface to write on.

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