The Discovery Of Agriculture During The Neolithic Revolution Essay

The Discovery Of Agriculture During The Neolithic Revolution Essay

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12,000 years ago, the discovery of agriculture triggered such a change in society and the way in which people lived that we now call this important era in time the “Neolithic Revolution.” Traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyles were cast away in favor of more permanent settlements and a reliable food supply. Agriculture helped form cities and civilizations, and because crops and animals could now be farmed to meet growing demand, populations skyrocketed from around five million people 10,000 years ago, to more the more than seven billion people that walk this earth today.1
Since the birth of agriculture farmers across the world have been altering the genetic makeup of the crops they grow. Ancient farmers chose only the best looking plants and seeds and saved them to plant for the next season. Once the science of genetics became better understood, horticulturists used what they knew about the genes of plants to select for specific desirable traits to develop improved varieties.2 The selection of features such as faster growing, higher yielding, pest and disease resistant plants with larger seeds and sweeter fruits has dramatically changed domesticated plant species compared to their early wild relatives.
In 1919 the term biotechnology was coined by Hungarian scientist Karl Ereky when he published his book Biotechnologie der Fleisch-, Fett- und Milcherzeugung im land-
wirtschaftlichen Grossbetrieb which roughly translates to Biotechnology of Meat, fat and Milk Production in an Agricultural Large-Scale Farm.3 From the very first publication of any studies on biotechnology we know that at the very center of it all is agriculture. Karl Ereky’s Biotechnologie published in Berlin was essential in laying a fundamental foundation for the ...

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...s. They have designed fish that if let loose, could wreak havoc on our ecosystems and have our organic species threaten with extinction. The process of genetic modification is completely irreversible and that remains true for plants or animals. Monsanto has been published as saying they want to control the world. Thousands of doctors are prescribing Non-GMO diets.
We are the sickest of all the major countries in the world, and becoming significantly the dumbest country in the world. People’s lives are being terminated through preventable diseases. Biotech industry is promising to feed the future world with higher yielding crops but since GMO’s have been introduced impotence has been on the rise and disease in general. We are not testing and properly regulating the GMO’s we are putting into our food supply, or the negative effects it may have on our whole ecosystem.

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