Discovering The Relationship Between the Law and Your School Essay

Discovering The Relationship Between the Law and Your School Essay

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Today schools are changing to integrate the 21st century. Therefore, it is imperative that educational administrators are aware of the legal framework facing the issues in schools. There are many issues the administrators will face and they must know the constitutional rights of individuals and the school. The Constitution contains the laws of the United States.

Discovering the Relationship between the Law and Your School
There are no references to education in the Constitution, but it does speak of the operation and management of the schools and the protection of the students’, faculty’s, and staff’s individual rights. There are many issues, both social and economic, that requires legal action. Children are the future of the society, so therefore, the state must keep track on issues that may arise in the schools. This paper will explore the law and its application to issues in the school district.
Our school is in the 5th district, so therefore, the Federal District Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeal is located in Jackson, Mississippi. Even though the state laws basically cover school issues in their respectively state, the Federal law is the centralized law to all without discrimination. These laws are regulated under the Equal Protection Clause, which guaranteed that no one can be denied equal protection of the laws of their jurisdiction. So therefore, the federal law supersedes the state law, and is in control of the covered subject. The legal system is evolving more to having a government that control the citizens lives, stricter laws and less deference for individual rights. In the future the legal system will continue to fight for more order, but the end result could still be totalitarian contr...

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... has gotten teachers fired from their jobs (Brown, 2008).
The laws of the schools are to protect the students, faculty, and staff. Administrators must know the law so that everyone is treated equally and fair. With the state statutes, the school boards have the right to adopt and enforce rules and regulations necessary to operate and manage schools. Parents have to right to place their children in any institutions they feel their children will excel, whether that is a private or public school.(Essex, 2002, p. 6)

Brown, L. (2008, 7/27/2008). Mississippi districts restrict electronic communications with students. Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Retrieved January 12, 2010, from
Essex, N. L. (2002). School Law and the Public School (4th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon

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