Discovering the Age of Reconnaissance Essay

Discovering the Age of Reconnaissance Essay

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Humanities evolution of consciousness about his surroundings has come in spurts of intense discovery, followed closely by periods of lethargy and lackadaisical pursuit. One such period may be explored in the Age of Discovery. Fomented during a time of expanding knowledge and burgeoning expansion of international trade, the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries saw an explosion of European conscience of the known world. A systematic visitation of key parts of this period will garner a greater appreciation for the dawning of global discovery. Integral to any review of a historical period is a careful look at the important factors contributing to the age in question. Building upon this foundation are the people who whether actively or accidentally played part in raising the banner of discovery high and prompting others to press forward in the expansion of collective knowledge. Finally, delving into the deeply held convictions and motives which spurred the intrepid adventurers into previously only theorized territories gives special insight to answering the question, why? By becoming intimately aware of the broad shift in knowledge held by the world during the pivotal Age of Discovery and ensuing Age of Reconnaissance historians may further develop their own guiding principles of expanding knowledge and discovery.
The Age of Discovery marked a pivot point for European perceptions about the extent of their world. For the first time, it was understood that all seas might be one, and that perhaps there was a whole new unexplored world beyond the horizon. This expansion of thought was found not only in geographical exploration, but also in the broadening of empirical discovery and a shift in its relation to the authority figure...

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...ting repercussions through the modern day, with many former territories struggling to find their place within the world.
Unequivocally, the Age of Discovery and congruent Age of Reconnaissance introduced Europe to a world beyond its own shores and led to a rapid expansion of influence and territory. The influx of resources stripped from discovered territories helped to fund a growth and expansion of knowledge unrivaled by any other age. With this explosion of knowledge came the destruction of many peoples previously living beyond the sphere of European influence. Without a doubt, this brief period of time fundamentally shifted and accelerated the course of human history. Few places on Earth escaped at least some small effect of the Age of Reconnaissance.

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Parry, J. H. The Age of Reconnaissance. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981.

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