Essay about Discourse Of Free Will And The How It Correlates With God 's Grace

Essay about Discourse Of Free Will And The How It Correlates With God 's Grace

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In our reading on Discourse of Free Will, we get a good idea of the opinions both Erasmus and Luther had on the topic of free will and the how it correlates with God’s grace. Once we look beyond the back and forth debate of this text, we will begin to look at their theological opinions on free will separately to find a better understanding and formulate our own opinions on this commonly debated topic.
As we look to the different points of view between Luther and Erasmus, we will begin looking at Discourse on Free Will. As Luther states, “You make the power of free will small and utterly ineffective apart from the grace of God. Acknowledged? Now then, I ask you: If God’s of power, what can it do for itself? You say it is ineffective and can do nothing good. Therefore it will not do what God or His grace wills” (Bloomsbury, Luther 116). Luther makes such a point to say everything very meticulously in a specific way to convey his true question or intent of that specific statement. Luther’s opinion on free will is simply that we have none. He specifically believes that since we do not have free will, we must rely simply on God’s grace to lead us down the right path for we do not have the opportunity to make our own path. In this specific statement, he attempts to make Erasmus feel inadequate by stating that without the grace of God, we would simply be ineffective. Furthermore, we will turn to Erasmus in the same text to find his response to those accusations brought upon the argument. Erasmus discusses the forgiving nature of God’s grace. He believes that good works (which come with humans having free will) does not satisfy the ‘requirement’ for us in receiving His grace (Bloomsbury, Erasmus 68).
When we delve into more why Luther ...

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...hen integrated the text in which they are referring to, this specific line with Erasmus regarding a passage in Matthew seems to be slightly misleading within the context of the statement. What especially appeared to be confusing was this evidence that as the gospel is filled with ‘exhortations’, and neither nature or necessity could earn God’s merit, I have yet to fully understand how to know how much free will God has given us and expects us to use.
With unity considered, we must look at how much we are letting ourselves trust in God’s grace, whether we side with Erasmus or Luther’s’ opinion on free will and the simplicity of how much, if anything, He has given to us. Clearly there is more to learn from these scholars, as proven by continuous studies and research that is conducted still to this day divulging in the social complexities that come with the theology.

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