Discourse Analysis And An Approach Of Social Science Philosophy Essay

Discourse Analysis And An Approach Of Social Science Philosophy Essay

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Discourse analysis is considered to be discipline/area of linguistics and an approach of social-science philosophy. It interprets how people construct their own version of world and outside reality by employing language as a tool of communication. Recently, discourse analysis has been used to express contemporary socio-political ideas; like freedom fighter, terrorism to contextualise/ legalised certain themes or ideologies/perspectives. It helps people to express how they think, shape, and revolutionized perspective through medium of language in society. It studies how it has been employed in a creative way to shape the world for themselves and for others in a specific socio-political and cultural context.
The discourse analysis, as qualitative research methodology, has made a tremendous contribution towards the understanding of socio-political realities in the field of social-science philosophy and humanities. It’s basically started from the analysis/investigation of the larger units of language, which are unified, coherent, meaningful, and persistent in juxtaposition to both verbal (spoken-utterances) and written (text/documented) communications. The discourse analysis has helped in understanding both the functional (themes, motives) and formal (words, syntax, phonology) aspects of the language. The language has multi-dimensional functions to offer, for instance, rather than mere words and meaning (signifier and signified), it incorporates non-linguistic behaviour (signs/gestures); a larger meaning except the implied one.
According to Coulthard, the discourse analysis primarily studies how language as discourse, influences the participants/listeners with respect to their social standing/roles; it’s very descriptive of politica...

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... to be understood within communicative-situation. The functional and referential dimensions of coherence are equally important while defining meaning, facts and proposition other than mere structuralist semantics to understand the overall meaning of the text.

The Critical discourse analysis (CDA) is a theoretical methodology to explicate how the discourse analytical research constructs, represents and restricts the social-power relations, authority, and discrimination to understand socio-political world within the oral and written communications. This approach enables its researchers/analysts to take specific viewpoint to understand the phenomenon, be it social inequality, political movement etc., to finally grab its content, underlying meaning and finally counteract it. It focuses on language and discourse is complemented to the "critical structural linguistics"

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