Discouraging Crime by Cracking down on Criminal Behavior: Result is Safer Communities

Discouraging Crime by Cracking down on Criminal Behavior: Result is Safer Communities

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Discouraging Crime by Cracking down on Criminal Behavior: Result is Safer Communities

The frequency of crimes committed in many communities result in a heightened fear for those affected by this criminal behavior. More focus is required on the methods used to deter crime to discourage individuals from committing criminal behavior. Understanding of what is sociably acceptable and what violates cultural standards in a community is important. Then society will be able to find suitable ways to deject criminality through means of appropriate reprimand. Despite laws set to punish those who commit a crime, criminal behavior is still present in communities. Therefore, direct focus on criminal behavior can discourage crime by more police presence, community participation, and harsher punishment for those who commit crimes.

Increased Police Presence in a Community to Deter Criminal Behavior
In Canada (in 2002), 58,414 police officers were working hard to maintain public order for more than 32 million people (Macionis, Jansson, & Benoit, 2009). The presence of police officers throughout a community may be minimal, but their efforts do not go unnoticed by criminals. Different efforts by police to deter criminal behavior come in various methods such as foot patrols, bike patrols, and motor vehicles. First, foot patrols allow police to be visible to citizens, give a sense of safety, and allow ease for interaction (Petty, 2006). As a result, citizens report crime or deviant behavior to the foot patrol police officer and the officer’s presence alone has an influence on the level of criminal behavior for that area. Second, bike patrol police officers make their presence known to the public and deviant individuals by being visible and approa...

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