The Discontent Of The 1905 Revolution Essay

The Discontent Of The 1905 Revolution Essay

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To what extent was the discontentment of the industrial workers the main cause of the 1905 revolution in Russia?

The discontentment of industrial workers in Russia was an important factor behind the 1905 revolution in Russia. The conditions in the factories left a lot of workers dissatisfied with how they were treat, with many factories completely forsaking anything resembling health and safety regulations and others making their employees work 11 hours a day throughout the week and 10 hours on a Saturday. However, there were several other important factors that led to the 1905 revolution such as the Russo Japanese war in 1904-1905, The policy of Russification and the events of Bloody Sunday. All of these factors will be discussed in the main body of this essay.

The discontentment of Russian workers was a significant cause of the 1905 revolution. Russian workers had to deal with appalling conditions with factories not looking out for their employees this was highlighted by the fact that all workers had to share the one bathroom meaning a very unhygienic workplace where diseases were easily caught. Furthermore, The unhappy Russian workers often went on strikes during these years or went on riots in the Russian cities. Father Georgi Gapon, formed an assembly for these workers in 1903 this assembly was for people who had had enough of the way they were treat in the factories and by a year after it was formed it had over 9000 members. It is clear that the discontent of the Russian industrial workers contributed hugely to the 1905 revolution. The discontent of the Russian industrial workers caused several thousand workers to rise up and stand for themselves and for what they believed should happen to improve their lives. However, o...

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... the Russian industrial workers caused father Gapon to make a petition for the tsar asking for more rights and improvements to the system and the march to the winter palace with the petition ended up causing bloody Sunday another major factor in the revolution. Russification was also one of the main causes of the 1905 revolution as several minority groups in Russia were very unfairly treat and many wanted this changed and joined revolutionary forces. The other causes of the 1905 revolution were the failures of the Russo Japanese war, the policy of Russification and Bloody Sunday.

Russo Japanese war:

Reference: for information on father Georgi gapons assembly of workers

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