The Disconnect Between An Organization Essay

The Disconnect Between An Organization Essay

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The Disconnect. Decoupling is the divide between an ethics program that is in place and works well, and an ethics program set in place to reach rules or regulatory laws (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). The disconnect comes from what the firm says they’re going to do and what is actually being done “by disconnecting formal structure from internal organizational activities” (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). The study authors’ are performing is to decipher the impact on an individual perception when decoupling occurs. Cynicism is also a major factor in how an employee may react or deal with a stressful situation. Social exchange violations are a direct effect of unmet expectations on the part of employees in their relationship with their employing organization (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). When leaders set a poor example of what the ethics program stands for yet expects their subordinates to comply, it causes resentfulness among the employees ((Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). However the reverse is shown to be true when a manager or leader projects ethical behavior, employees seem to follow in their lead and have more ambition to set good ethical behavior in the work environment (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015).
A psychological breach in contract is the perception of one person not being met by another (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). Different levels of breach among different levels of management can cause a lack of concern for ethics as the level of trust between manager and subordinate differ in the amount (Mclean, Litzky, Holderness, 2015). Ultimately, an employee with a high threshold of trust will be more affected by a lack of ethical behavior from their manager than that of a lower trusting employee ...

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...isions are being made the way they are. “The four recommended requirements provide a suitable framework for evaluating requests for accommodation and determining whether to approve or deny them or offer partial accommodation,” implies Wicclair (2014). This also helps to keep the person making the decision more neutral in their own personal opinion. Having guidelines to follow elevates the burden from the person having to decide.
Having the privacy to be anonymous when making ethical decision is something that has seemed to be deemed unimportant when developing an ethics program. Regardless of how advanced technology has become, anonymity is still regarded as a staff way to divulge information when issues occur and needs to be reported. Having that option as well as the proper tools to report an issue can be more beneficial in an ethics program being successful.

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