Disclosure in Work Environments Essay

Disclosure in Work Environments Essay

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Open communication between individuals is very important. This quality is what makes
relationships run smoothly between two or more individuals. Barnett, Cochran and Taylor
explored significant relations between the openness of communication between management and
employees in a previous study (1993). These researchers found that employees expressed
concerns and the level of internal disclosures by employees in the study (Barnett et al., 1993).
Barnett, Cochran and Taylor also found in their study that external whistle blowing may
lead to “negative publicity, regulatory investigations, and legal liability issues” (1993). Trying to
hold back or quiet employees may make the problem between the employees worse. Internal
disclosures provide organizations an opportunity to explore and correct wrongdoing, and avoid
the more negative consequences of external whistle blowing (Barnett et al., 1993).
Disclosure in Work Environments 4
As sexual harassment can be a major topic in literature and in the workplace, organizations
make sure to focus attention on the legal problems that may become evident if the harassment
occurs (Bingham, 1991). Bingham investigated the interpersonal aspect of sexual harassment in
this study to find how to eliminate the problem of sexual harassment (1991). In disclosure related
situations, exchanging too much personal information to another employee can result in sexual
harassment. In doing so, individuals must be careful in whom they are disclosing information to.
Many individuals may feel uncomfortable in the situation.
In many companies, sexual harassment is taken very seriously. Before an employee is hired
at most companies they are explained the harassment precautions and regulations. In do...

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...esearchers (Sias & Cahill, 1998). Peer friendships can offer a source
of immanent rewards for employees. These rewards can protect against job-related anxiety, and
can reduce job frustration and turnover (Sias & Cahill, 1998). By sticking together in the work
environment, individuals are able to overcome obstacles at their employment. In doing so,
individuals realize that they are not in it alone.
The researchers found that peer friendships were based on both individual and
circumstantial factors. For many, these workplace peers become more than just coworkers; they
may also become friends (Sias & Cahill, 1998). The workplace did not act as a vessel for the
friendships, but it played a significant role in the friendships developmental process. As their
artificial influence decreased the friendship became closer and more interpersonal (Sias & Cahill,

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