Disaster Psychology : Dispelling The Myths Of Panic Essay

Disaster Psychology : Dispelling The Myths Of Panic Essay

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emergencies before regaining electricity and any other non-life or death issue. The importance of changing your attitude towards a damaging disaster affects your decisions on the next disaster. Observing and experiencing the many types of disasters led individuals to not think twice or resistant the warning decisions (Dyer, 2014).
Gantt, P., & Gantt, R. (2012). Disaster psychology: Dispelling the myths of panic. Professional
Safety, 42-49.
Gantt (2012) emphasize on the human behaviors such as panic attacks that occur upon the arrival of a disaster. Numerous case studies analyzed the human behaviors such as panic attacks being the common reaction from individuals during the moment of a disaster. It is known for an individual to panic if they are stuck, unable to get out or away from the disaster, and have no way of seeking help/shelter. In regard to the Titanic situation, as the ship was sinking, many people started to panic. The more the ship sink, the less time they had to make a plan. Some individuals threw themselves off, others were escorted by a smaller boat, and others attempted suicide. Panic behaviors are not the only form of behaviors in a disaster. During a disaster it is important to make the best decision that comes with the reasonable consequences. The fight or flight response is the most common response to human behavior in regard to serious issues. When an appropriate decision is made, the human’s negative reaction is reduced. For example, as a person settles in at a shelter, it reduces their negative behaviors and thoughts such as drowning, getting swept away, or getting burned in a fire. Also, the warm care from volunteer and shelter staff eliminates the worries of the person’s needs and safety (Gantt & Gantt,...

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...refuse to question the disaster. The study expresses legal requirements that people should follow to move out of dangerous areas when they are instructed. Meetings are held every year to discuss the procedure and plans for the disaster and safety tips for disasters. For the individuals that are new to the area and unaware of the disaster, the meetings would become beneficial if they attend. Pertaining to the study, it was reported that the willingness to evacuate from the natural disaster gained trust and useful information to the individuals living in the area. What each individual do when the disaster strikes are impossible to know in advance. Over time, emotional reactions to risky situations may lead to bad decisions. For future purposes, the effect of risk communication in regard to emotions has an impact on one’s self control and social psychology (Rod, 2012).

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