The Disaster Of Emergency Management Essay

The Disaster Of Emergency Management Essay

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In the modern world, the development of human civilization has reached the point where human life, health and well-being are considered the biggest values. For this reason, people are striving to build the world according to the conditions, where people would be safe despite the multiple occurrences that endanger these values. Still, despite the efforts, there still exist natural disasters that are hard to predict and can be handled only during or after they have happened. The hurricanes are within this category, and this indicates the necessity of establishing the system of emergency management to react to the information about hurricanes. While these disasters are not rare in the area of the Atlantic, there is a significant background for elaborating the principles of managing the preparation, response and recovery phases of this type of a disaster. However there are still a lot of challenges that emergency managers face given the problems that can be seen on the example of different hurricanes during the recent years. The problems that Hurricane Andrew caused afterwards can be seen partially as a fallacy of emergency management and the complicated challenges that it faced during separate phases of response and recovery. Although the hurricane has covered several territories, the most significant impact was made by this hurricane on the territory of Florida, which signifies the problems of emergency management within this area. This paper aims to research the specific issues during recovery phase and challenges during the response phase that emergency managers faced on the territory of the state and providing the specific recommendation for improving these issues that would be beneficial to implement on different levels and indi...

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...overy phase that should be addressed separately and in-depth is that the emergency management before Hurricane Andrew was focused outside of the primary areas of surge storm, which means that inland damage was considered less probable and thus given less attention than necessary. Hurricane Andrew, however, became the example of the storm that caused most of its damage inland. (Natural Disaster Survey, 1992) This can be explained by the fact that Andrew caused flooding less than wind damage, which clearly was not addressed during the preparation phase and thus there was no possibility to deal with the problem during recovery phase.
As such, it was the urban community of Florida that suffered from this problem. The challenge was within evacuation plans of the tallest buildings that were most exposed to the speed of the wind of Andrew. This is specifically true for the a

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