Disappointment in Steinbeck's "The Pearl" Essay

Disappointment in Steinbeck's "The Pearl" Essay

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Wealth can lead you in many directions depending on if you are prepared for it or not. If it is unexpected, it will most definitely change your life. Unexpected wealth could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Many people could use it on useless items or bad people could buy drugs or weapons. In addition, today many people could gamble their newly found wealth and lose all of their money on the lottery, on scratch tickets, or in casinos. On the other hand, unexpected wealth could be used productively if the right person got it. They could donate it to a charity, improve life for their family, or even put the money into the bank to save up for something. Along with using unexpected wealth being used poorly, greediness has its consequences. Finding something valuable and selling it can be hard if you are greedy. You may ask for too high of a price from the person you are selling it to and end up getting nothing or you may be ignorant and not know the price your item is supposed to be and sell it for too low of a price. Another consequence of greed is when you plan on using your wealth for something you don’t need instead of using it to help your family. You may take your family for granted and one day you will be sorry you did not help them make their life better when they are gone. Altogether unexpected wealth can be either a good thing or a bad thing and if you get greedy there are consequences. John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl illustrates how unexpected fortune can cause changes with which an individual is unprepared to deal. The ramifications of such a sudden materialistic windfall take their toll both externally and internally.
Jealousy can be a very dangerous thing if it is too strong. When Kino found the pearl “ev...

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...arl has made to all of their lives. Kino and Juana serve as an example for those who gain wealth unexpectedly, showing them exactly what not to do and how not to handle your wealth. Although Kino had good intentions with his pearl, he took it too far and that is what caused all of those awful things to happen to him. His life went through so many vicissitudes when he gained the pearl and he lost so much. He now has no pearl, which means he has no money, no baby, since he lost Coyotito, no house, since it was burned to the ground, and no canoe, since it was wrecked by the thieves. Kino and Juana will now live in shame and guilt and be tormented for the rest of their lives about their first baby’s death. This is what can happen when unexpected wealth falls into the wrong hands. It can change your life and hurt yourself and the people around you.

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