Disadvantages of Solar Energy Essay

Disadvantages of Solar Energy Essay

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At the bottom of water is plant matter. That is what coal starts off as. It is covered in sediments and eventually goes through metamorphosis. After metamorphosis, it eventually becomes coal, which is one of the three most important resources on Earth. Another resource is solar energy, which is now being widely used in a variety of ways. Panels and sun light are what is used to collect this type of energy efficiently. The third type of energy resource is water. This type of energy can be conserved when a plan is implemented. A good plan can save not only water, but money too. (Science Kids, 2013)
Coal started forming over 350 million years ago through the transformation of organic plant matter. The formation begins with a marsh on the border of a sedimentary basin. Tectonic activity raises sea levels, leading to the submerging and killing off of vegetation. Plant debris accumulates and becomes covered with layers of mud and sand in this process known as sedimentation. Sedimentation shelters the debris from the air and slows down the rotting process. Vegetation then grows back until the next flooding. The basin then slowly sinks under the mass of the sediments as the dead plant’s layers are subjected to rising temperatures, leading progressively to their transformation. (The Formation of Coal, 2010)
Coal is a fossil fuel, which means it is composed of a once living material. It’s a black or brown colored rock. There are five main elements that are mixed together in coal; sulfur, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. This fossil fuel can be set on fire to make energy, which produces heat. (Coal Association, 2013)
After the coal is mined and taken to a power plant, the coal is burned in a boiler, which causes the water in the boi...

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