Essay on The Disadvantage With Constant Resistant Devices

Essay on The Disadvantage With Constant Resistant Devices

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The DISADVANTAGE with constant resistant devices is the inconsistent matching of resistive forces and muscular forces that occur during an exercise movement. You don ' 't have to work just as hard during every phase of the movement (for example the top position in the squats or biceps bar curl). There ' 's an "easy" phase in the movement which makes the exercise a little less effective than it could have been (using free weights instead).

Also, resistance training with FREE WEIGHTS is more difficult and not without risk for beginners, older people or people with injuries. They might not have the stabilizer strenght in their core muscles to do all the exercises safely. In this case, EXERCISE MACHINES are easier and more safe to use - at least in the beginning ot a training regimen.

For athletes in sport training, this technology may be beneficial if they can find exercises that mimics sport specific movement. For some sport specificity it may not be as beneficial though, whereas other training techniques would be more useful. Some weightlifters may also find it hard to overcome sticking points if only using constant resistant devices. They may have to supplement with other technologies to make their training complete.


This is a type of exercise where the amount of weight either increase or decrease during the movement of the exercise.

The ADVANTAGE with variable resistance devices is that you have a consistent restrictive force and muscular force during the whole exercise movement. The varying resistance through the exercise movement makes it possible to maximise the level of stress placed on the muscles. There ' 's no "easy" phase in the movement as in the constant resistans devices. Thus, you c...

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...g, the technology can be useful for changing things up once in awhile and to chock the muscles through a plateu by overloading the muscles (since the devices puts such a high level of stress to the muscles).


This is a type of training where you contract the muscles but no movement occurs.

The ADVANTAGE is that it ' 's an easy technology to perform and can be useful for rehabilitation.

In some sports or for weighlifting athletes it is believed to be a good way to overcome sticking points in a movements range (Hatfield, Fitness:The Complete Guide, 2013, p.203).

The DISADVANTAGE is that it only makes you stronger in the position it is applied. Since you have to stress a muscle through the whole range of a movement to make the muscles grow, it has a limited use for bodybuilding or general population (unless you ' 're a rehab patient).

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