Essay about Disabling Diseases in The World: Cerebral Palsy

Essay about Disabling Diseases in The World: Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy is the most prolific motor disabling disease in the world. Cerebral Palsy develops in two out of every 1000 Children born and Cerebral Palsy will stay with them for the rest of their lives (Cerebral Palsy). Cerebral Palsy (CP) is developed from an injury to the brain around the time of birth or some time before the Child is one month old. Even though CP will stay with a person for their whole life, those with Cerebral Palsy can still live their life to the greatest extant. If one with CP is helped too much it can actually be harmful and worsen the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy. Those with CP do not always need to be helped and should be allowed to do the tasks they are able to do with minimal assistance. Cerebral Palsy, under certain circumstances, can be used to one’s benefit and help with social and work place skills. Cerebral Palsy is a cognitive disability that impacts an individual’s overall muscle control and can range in severity from case to case. However, through help, support and accommodations those with Cerebral Palsy can live life to the best.
Approximately fifteen million people around the entire globe have been diagnosed with CP, out of these there are around eight hundred thousand people with CP in the United States. Also every year, there are almost eight thousand new cases in the United States alone (Sheen 6). These are staggering numbers, most people do not know that there are this many cases of Cerebral Palsy. Numbers like this show the scale of how large this disability is even though CP has almost no research. For unknown reasons the chance of getting CP is 1.3 times higher in males than in females (Cerebral Palsy). This has puzzled scientists and they do not know why this occurs. There are thre...

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...gist. They said I’d never marry or have a child, but I did. No one has the right to tell people with CP what they can or can’t do” (Sheen 9).

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